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Hey! Bienvenidos :)

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“Homework should burn in hell. Luckily, it is highly flammable.”-Anonymous


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Hi everyone! :)

*Schwarzenegger's voice* I'm back! 8D

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing good in this new year~ *HUGS* :D It still amazes me it's already 2010, my mind keeps forgeting that sometimes and keeps writing 2009 XD
Anyway, it's cool to be home again~ (I have my bed!! and internet too!!! XD), I didn't forget my towel and all it's well with the world~ (at least for now ^^U) Although these days away from the city were really nice :) I was at a rural real state with a big part of the family (so cool! we were like 30 people there, wao), the house was NICE~ (seriously, it was really pretty and like 8 times my little apartment's size), it had a pool, a kiosk and a football field too :D What a reunion, lots of aunts, uncles & cousins, it was so much fun being there, and the weather was cold so we didn't have to worry about the awful heat we currently have in the city XP Waa, I'll miss those days ^^

Back in Cali, I welcome reality again XD (Have to also catch up with lots of things ^^UUU)



So long and thanks for all the fish~! XD

I'll be away on vacation 'til January 6th (and won't have internet there) so I say this now XP Happy New Year everyone! (woa, is incredible that tomorrow will be 2010) ^o^ I really hope you enjoy the celebration tonight and the entirely new year *hugs!* :D


Merry Christmas! ♥ Feliz Navidad! ♥

Maybe this day has been hectic for you as much as it has been for me, but happy holidays! ^^
ow, I wanted to make at least a shiny graphic but don't have the time now and I don't think I have it later either ^^;; So I say to all of you Merry Christmas! :) even if you believe in it or not, may this day and the ones to come be joyful to everyone and you can enjoy these times with your family and/or the people you care about ^^ Take care, have fun and smile, I give you all a BIG HUG ♥ :)

Seriously? Seriously?! D:

Seriously, this only happens when you're sick, didn't bring your cellphone and you're low on money =_=

So since I was sick of coughing and having a sore throat I went to buy medicine. Since the pharmacy is just crossing the street I only brought the necessary money with me, later I realized I forgot my cellphone and I was like "well *shrugs* why you will need it?, it's just crossing the street, I'll be back in no time". The medicine cost more than I thought so yeah, then I was low on money too. When I went back to the apartment and was going to open the door, the lock just got screwed. JUST.MY.LUCK. T_T

So I ended out of my house with only my keys, no cellphone, few money and screwed just like my door. Okay, then I said to myself, "calm down, let's find a street vendor to buy cell minutes and call my dad". My dad wasn't answering... =_= I didn't remember my mom's number T_T Finally, Alleluya! my dad answered and told me he was really busy and couldn't call the locksmith right now so why I didn't go to my aunt's house meanwhile?, "Oh yeah, right" --I said-- "I could, but you know, I have to pay this call, so what do you guess? I won't have the money to pay the bus" (yeah, I was fuming and frustrated and this was just not my day, I didn't even think at the moment I could get a taxi and ask my aunt the favor to pay it when I'd got there *facepalm*) Okay, so then my dad told me he was going to call a friend of his (that lives in the same condominium) to lend me money and that I should wait for him at the condo's entrance. I really don't know why it took him so long to appear but thank God he did, I was thinking dad couldn't call him or he wasn't answering either T_T

Anyway, I took the bus and finally arrived at my aunt's house (adding to my lucky day *note the sarcasm* there was a horrible traffic jam so it took me 30 minutes to get there *sighs*) Now at the house I relaxed, drank water, took the medicine (my throat is still sore...), watched tv, passed the time, yada yada yada. At some point I wanted to check my e-mail and asked my cousin for her laptop. What happens now? the screen remains black and Windows just doesn't want to load... ha ha ha ¬_¬ Okay, then I had to call my other cousin to get his password for his laptop. That one worked perfectly. I opened Firefox. I realized there was no internet. I rebooted the connection. Still no internet O_O I went to check, and what do you guess? The phone line was dead. FUCK!!!

Really. I only wanted to check my e-mail!

Several minutes later the line went back to life and that's why I'm here venting out and ranting all the way. I'm still fuming and I'm still sick T_T Sorry that you have to bear with me like this. I just hope this day gets better. Seriously. Meanwhile, I'll wait here 'til my dad calls and says the locksmith has finished his/her work and we can enter home again.


My Awards ♥

A bit of narcissism it's not bad, isn't it? XP

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Art: Icons Batch #3 :)


[45] Kyou Kara Maou!
[7] Bleach
[10] Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
[5] The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
[5] Honey & Clover
[7] InuYasha
[10] Multi-fandom (Loveless, Sailor Moon, Akuma to Love Song, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

[89] Total

♦ Teaser ♦

loleedoCollapse )

I totally love love this! :D

Yeah, let me fangirl 'cause I can =D I discovered this through a post at hitman_reborn and love it! :P Apparently it is from the Naruto Fanbook and was a congratulatory message from varios mangakas to Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto on its 10th year anniversary, IIRC. It's an awesome work and if you haven't seen it, see it! =D Personally I LURVE Kubo's, Obata's and Amano's versions~ <3 ^^ So clickie HERE! :D

On another topic, LJ has been eating up my e-mail notifications so if I haven't reply you back by now, blame LJ ¬_¬

And 'cause I was in the mood for some quizzes just for the sake of it, I stole these from Ty, Lea and Hiro XP

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You'll think you're looking at Aquaman

Well, nope, I've not disappeared, just had to sort out some things lately and haven't been in the mood to post something either way ^^UU It's been a while~ how all of you are doing? :3

At least I'm somewhat happy that november has ended *phew* Finally I presented the ECAES last week and it's like a big weight has lifted off my shoulders :D you know, those big national exams you have to present finishing your career? yeah those ones, so they're finito and I have to wait 'til february to know the results ^^U At the beginning of the month I was like "oh yeah, I have to do them *shrugs* so what? chill, I don't want to worry and stress out, not", one week prior the exams I was freaking out *sighs* =_= Anyway, now that they're over I can focus in another important matters and why not? relax too~ 8D hey, I'm in the mood for quizzes and I've finally finished a third icons batch (my muse is back <3) so I'll be posting it soon for sure ^^

Also, changed my layout~ beware the pink and lime-green XP I wanted something simple and that it matched my profile layou too :D

Oh yeah, before I forget, many-many-super-mega thanks to all of you who wished me a happy b-day <333 :) you all rock guys *HUGS* :]


Happy Halloween!

Or whatever you celebrate this day :D (we technically celebrate Halloween though we also know it like "Día de las brujitas" (Witches' Day) or "Día de los niños" (Children's Day), yeah I know, total opposites XP)

But anyways, have fun if you can but like a friend said, be safe :] oh, and take an umbrella with you, it'll rain XP here always rains on Halloween *shrugs* XD


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